Une Minute Embrasse (2009)

A man has a brief encounter in a library... This short film was presented in the festival VideoDanzaBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 2010, Stratford Fringe Film Festival in England, Court-BOUILLON Film Festival in France, and NYC Short Film Festival 2011. Additional collaborators: Cinematographer- Ema Rees-Scanlon; Dancers- Jacqueline Bulnes (Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company) and Fabien Prioville (Lalala Human Steps and Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal).

Jacqueline Bulnes (2008)

created by Jennifer Sims and Ema Rees-Scanlon DP and Editor: Laura Cardona

Wall Space (2008)

Directed by Jennifer Sims Filmed by Ema Rees-Scanlon Edited by Andrew Poppoon